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Design Elements of Creating a Corporate Identity

Starting a business is a difficult yet exciting prospect and in today’s world, there are many different elements to consider while starting a business. A corporation is not just about its products and its tangible assets. It is very important to create a corporate identity and entity for marketing purposes. There are many elements of marketing and designing the visual and stationery aspects of the corporation to create a corporate identity, which is a part of this process. Flamingo Infotech one of the best logo & graphics desiging company in delhi shares the following design elements essential for creating a corporate identity:

Design Elements of Creation of Corporate Identity

  • Trademark

A trademark is an intellectual property that is associated or recognized in connection with a corporation or a business. A part of the company’s identity is the sign, slogans and visual illustrations which can be then trademarked. Graphic design plays a critical role in designing visual trademarks for the company. A trademark is usually registered as intellectual property and the corporation can sue against people using these trademarks as it becomes a copyright infringement.

  • Creating Corporate Colors

A corporation’s identity is very visual and some companies are instantly known by its colors. Corporate visual message through the corporate colors sends a clear message to customers. Companies like Flamingo Infotech advise companies about choosing colors that suit the image of the customers. There are usually core and secondary colors incorporated in the color palette and it is important to decide on color palettes of the company.

  • Designing Visiting Cards

Usually, people who work for a company have all standardized visiting cards and visiting card designing is a part of designing a corporate identity. These business cards are given out in the industry and need to represent a company strongly and effectively. Business cards or visiting cards have many elements of designs. The colors, the size, the typography, logos, and the paper used are some of the aspects of the design element of visiting cards.

  • Designing a Corporate Logo

One of the main symbols of corporate identity is a logo as it is one of the main visual elements that people associate with a business of the company. Logo design is a part of the overall graphic design and most major corporations have a logo. A logo must incorporate to the concept and values of the brand and must be able to appeal to the target audiences. Whether it is a brightly colored tangible logo or a logo animation visual, it is important that the graphic design team must choose a design that represents the company and its products and services. If you are have some trouble in desiging the logo. Its a better idea to contact logo design company.

  • 3D Logo Animation

Logos need to be modern and appealing and nowadays graphic designers and logo design experts are making 3D logo animation designs. Companies can make 3D animation versions of their original logos and also create new 3D animation designs for new logos for corporations.

  • Letterhead Design – Corporate Stationery

Graphic design also includes corporate stationery and especially letterhead design. Letterheads are corporate stationery which are used for all official communication of the company and designing the right letterhead is part of the corporate identity. Letterhead design should have the company colors, the company logo and the printed company information in the company’s approved typography. It must have ample space because it is a letterhead and the design should be standardized, clear and to the point.

  • Corporate Typeface & Typography

The identity of the company also includes the typefaces or fonts that are used for the text communicated by the corporation. This includes press releases, logos, banners, advertisements and other such communications. Initially deciding on the font and also font sizes in some cases is a good idea and companies like Flamingo Infotech help customers choose the right match or designs for the company. The font and the color of the text are critical as it is also printed on products that the company sells to customers and needs to represent the company.

Corporate Merchandise

Corporate merchandise and promotional merchandise is part of marketing and branding strategies for many companies. They help create a corporate identity and many corporations sell or even freely distribute merchandise with corporate colors, images, and logos on them. This includes small items and usually inexpensive items that make the company more visible to the broader target audience. Corporate merchandises are designed in such a way that they represent the company. Some of the popular items include pens, t-shirts, mugs, ceramics, bags, key chains, and water bottles to name a few.

Companies like Flamingo Infotech creating logo and graphic design in delhi since last 15 years and has help corporations with the design elements of creating a corporate identity. In today’s business world, marketing the corporation and creating an identity and space for the business is very essential for success. The above mentioned graphic and logo design elements are essential to make the corporation more visible to target audiences for the success of the business.

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